Hemp Dress Harness


Did you know that hemp fibers are one of the most durable in nature? This is both a dress and a walking harness that's not only durable but made from beautiful hemp cloth, 

Size Girth

TC 9-10in / 22.9-25.4cm, XX 12-14in / 30.5-35.6cm, XS 16-19in / 40.6-48.3cm, SM 21-24in / 53.3-61cm

Size Weight lbs / kg

TC <2lbs / <1 kg, XX 2-5 lbs / 1-2 kg, XS 5-15 lbs / 2-6 kg, SM 12-20 lbs / 5-9 kg

 Length of the back:

TC 4in / 10.2cm, XX 5in / 12.7cm, XS 7in / 17.8cm, SM 9in / 22.9cm,

Opening of the neck:

TC 8in / 20.3cm, XX 10-12in / 25.4-30.5cm, XS 14-17in / 35.6-43.2cm, SM 17-19in / 43.2-48.3cm

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